Strings Attached

Jordan Belfort

Additional Terms:
1. This painting is part of Strings Attached, a 2015 series by Jonas Lund which consists of twenty-four paintings.

2. Each painting in the series has specific terms attached to it that limit the work’s transferability.

3. In the case of HUO, it may only be purchased by a collector who has appeared in Artforum’s Scene & Herd at least five times.

4. Should HUO be sold by Steve Turner to a collector that has not appeared in Artforum’s Scene & Herd at least five times, its certificate of authenticity will be void and the painting shall no longer be considered a valid work of art by Jonas Lund.

5. The Artist will maintain a website ( which will include images of all twenty four paintings as well as the current validity status of each work.

6. Once the terms of this agreement have been met the painting may be freely transferred by any subsequent owner.